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Have You Ever Had To Drain Your Tank

And Repair The Hole Caused By Your Tank Bob?



How much of a pain the neck was it when your tank started leaking? 


Did you have a mess to clean up?


Did you have to stop everything to fix the emergency?


How much did it cost you to drain the tank and fix it?


What if there were a preventive solution, and it only cost you $89? 


Toss your brass tank bob and replace it with Butler Enterprises’ Rubber Bob “Tank Saver” and you’ll never have this problem again.


The rubber bob “Tank Saver” has a disposable and replaceable rubber tip so when you check your tank levels, you won’t be banging the bottom of the tank.  Over time, hitting the same spot every day eventually wears a hole in the bottom of your tank and you have a terrible mess on your hands.  The patented “Tank Saver” is only $89.  Call Butler Enterprises to order yours now. 


If you’d like to become a distributor, call and ask for Dale Butler and we’ll get you set up right away.