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Ask Us If We Make The Hose You Need


At H & C Services and Supply, we have or make just about any kind of hose and fitting you can imagine, from 1/4 inch pneumatic air hose for your shop to 4” Vacuum hose.  We have brake line hoses, any type hydraulic hose, pneumatic hose, pump hose, waste hose, cotton covered hose and DOT approved brake hoses.  We have the fittings and hardware, such as whip-checks, to go along with them for any type connection.  If you operate or are responsible for hydraulic or pneumatic powered equipment of any kind, you need to check out our capabilities.  Why pay top dollar for a “Part” when you can bring your hose to us and we can make it for you for a fraction of the cost.  We have stainless steel tubing to make lines for you as well.  We also carry a complete line of pressure washer fittings. 


Accessories too.  Air line lubricators, filters, gauges, and valves.  Call and speak to our knowledgeable staff.  You don’t have to identify the exact item in a catalogue.  If you can describe it to us and how it’s used, chances are, we can get you the right parts the first time.  Or if you prefer, you can bring your part into our store and we can match it for you. 


If you need someone to come out to look at your application, we specialize in solutions.  Do you need a pneumatic supply system set up for your shop?  Invite us to come out and take a look.  We’ll get you everything you need to get the air supply where you need it, including the pipe and pipe fittings.  We also have the people to install it for you if you don’t want to do it yourself.