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Three Reasons Customers Choose H & C Supply

H & C Services and Supply started out servicing the oil field and has grown to supply agricultural, industrial, and contractor customers.  If youíre in the oil in gas industry, you know what down-time costs you.  If you arenít, itís not hard to imagine.  Peopleís lives and thousands of dollars per hour are at stake. 


Our customers buy from us for three main reasons. 


  1. Up-Time - Inventory - There are many times when our customers need what they need right now.  Not tomorrow, not this afternoon, but NOW.  The clock is ticking, with thousands of dollars lost for each hour of down-time.  We have as much as $1,000,000 in inventory right here in Weatherford so we can respond to our customers demands.  There have even been cases where weíve sent a hot shot to get a customer back up the same day.  In the rare case where we donít have it in our store, we make daily runs to Oklahoma City to pick up items for special orders and for stock.  Whatever you need, if we donít have it on the shelf, we can get it. 


  1. Up Time - Knowledge and Service Ė We have four trucks servicing Western Oklahoma, with sales representatives that know their stuff, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their customers back on line.  All of our reps have many years in the oil and gas industry, so when you need help, they speak your language.  You can expect the same treatment when you walk in or call in to our store.  Our inside sales people know the business, and if they donít know the answer, they will get it for you. 


  1. Up-Time Ė Research and acquisition.  Our customers save a lot of time by asking our people to do research for them, finding products, and getting it to the site.  This is what we do, which means you have more time to do what you do. 


Our history is primarily in the Oil and Gas industry, which is why youíll notice a tremendous sense of urgency and commitment.  Thatís how our company was built.  If youíre not in the oil and gas industry, but you:

Operate a farm.

Order materials for a plant.

Work in a maintenance department.

Do or manage construction work.

Run a metal working shop, machine, fabrication or both.

Maintain or repair trucks and/or heavy equipment. 


Then we can help you improve your operations while saving you money.